Our 8 Day Trip to the Southwest (Part 1 of 3)

Days 1, 2 and 3

We are on a new adventure with our good friends, Lowell and Judy. The trips main purpose was to expand on their trek to visit all the national parks in the U.S. as well as to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. They graciously invited us to tag along. Were our livers and bank account up for it? We indeed survived onslaughts to both and are the richer for it! 

The first leg of our journey will take us from Lincoln to the western slopes of Colorado and Glenwood Springs.  From there, we head to Moab, Utah, and several national parks in the area. Next we head to the south rim of the Grand Canyon where we stay for one night at the historic El Tovar Hotel. $$$$!!!!…More on that experience later.

From the Grand Canyon, we head south to Santa Fe for two days for some slower paced activities involving museums and fine dining, of course! And from there, we head back to Lincoln via Denver.  

So here we go!

Crossing Nebraska into Colorado

We're On Our Way

We leave Lincoln relatively early and since this is a road trip with friends, the first order business was to decide how far we should go before finding a rest area…2 hours +/-seemed to be the common denominator…We arrive in Glenwood Springs approximately 10 hours and three (or was it 4?) stops later–for gas and the usual pit stop activity–and we arrive at The Hotel Denver for a quick stop over to have dinner with Lowell and Judy’s cousins–who live in Glenwood Springs–before heading to Moab. 

After a relaxing dinner at an Asian restaurant called Zheng Asian Bistro we enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and are ready to hit the road early the next morning. Filling up on some local coffee and a quick breakfast, we are soon headed west through Colorado’s hilly plains on into Utah’s famed land of rocky formations toward the town of Moab.  Utah is the proverbial ‘land that time forgot’ and for us flat-landers, the journey through steep red rock canyons and along sandstone bluffs was staggering.

And then, it got stunning!

Lots of Images of Our Trip To Moab

Well, we survived three days on the road with our friends and so far, so good!  A few “resets” along the way–like when Lowell and Judy were told they were a day early for their reservation at Hotel Denver…but had documentation to prove otherwise!…A nice upgrade and many apologies later and all was back in order.  But, that’s all part of adventure. Oh, and then there was the 30 minute delay along the trip to Moab for the cattle drive to clear the highway…so much for shortcuts…but it sure was fun!  

Come back soon for the next installment of our trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim.  


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