A New Adventure to Europe!

We’re returning to Europe for another adventure!

After a couple of years of reliving our experiences in France, Shelley and I are ready to venture out again! This time, along with our friends Margee and Terry, Margaret will be joining us again on our latest adventure. Margaret was with us on our trip to Spain and enjoys the same cultural experiences that we will undoubtedly be having on this trip.

This spring, the five of us will be traveling to five countries over the course of 18 days. It will undoubtedly be fast paced tour. Starting out in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the itinerary is followed up with Bruges, Belgium (with some side trips to Brussels, Ypres and The Hague); Prague, Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary; and finishing up in Vienna, Austria.

Our plan is to stay between 2 and 4 nights in each city and pack in as much of the city and culture as we can. We have accommodations lined up at private homes in each city and tour guides to help us experience as much of the cities as possible. More on those in later posts, though.

Just a quick word about this blog. This is a new look and will probably take on the persona of an actual travel blog. We’ll see how this goes long term but in the mean time, stay tuned for daily updates!


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