Vienna Day 1

Our European Adventure 2018

Vienna Day 1

We leave Budapest, taking the train to Vienna.  Taking the train through Central Europe is a low cost easy mode of getting around.  Our fare to go from Budapest to Vienna (something on the order of 200 miles) cost about 36 euros (approximately $45.00) per person. From the train station in Vienna, there were several options for public transportation but we chose to take a cab from the train station which delivers us to our 4th floor apartment in the Nestroyplaz area in the northeast district of Vienna. This is a modern apartment in an old  building with comfortable living room, kitchen and outdoor balcony with a view of the rooftop gardens and patios below. We are so happy when we all have our own ensuite bathrooms, not always common in European apartments.
This neighborhood has a school and playground and you can hear the pleasant sound of young children’s voices coming through the window. It feels like a friendly, safe neighborhood. We play Mozart on Pandora (hey, this is Vienna!) catch up with our journals and make more detailed plans for tomorrow.
For a quick early dinner, we find a great little neighborhood restaurant called Nestroy (we found on Travelocity) and have our first taste of Wiener Schnitzel and local beer and wine. Since we will be here for 4 days we stop by the grocery store for coffee, fruit, wine, cheese, yogurt and bread so we can make breakfast in the apartment before we head off for sightseeing tomorrow and then wine and cheese when we come home.  For now, we’re resting our tired feet and brains and making it an early night.
A few pics from the slow day…
Greg, Shelley, Margaret, Terry, Margee
P.S.  The Youtube link below will take you to a video of our visit to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.  Enjoy!!

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