Budapest Day 1

Our European Adventure 2018

Budapest Day 1

Our day was spent flying from Prague to Budapest on Czech Airlines.  I have to admit that I was slightly curious about flying on Czech Airlines since we have never flown on them and I’m probably a little prejudice about small airlines.  I should not have worried. European airlines in general are well run, safe and efficient…except when they are on strike!!  Similar to other European Airlines, Czech Airlines seem to try ‘harder’ to satisfy.  (This would go for Brussels Airlines, as well, which we flew out of Brussels to Prague.)  Better food! Free wine!! And inexpensive plus a it’s easy (but effective) to navigate through their security is a consistency for these airlines.
We arrived in Budapest and took a shuttle to our apartment that we rented through AirBnB.  Our apartment is amazingly modern and by comparison a great value compared to other city’s we’ve visited.  Located in the center of the old district, it is central to many of the sites on our list to visit but also in the middle of many great restaurants.  Our challenge is that we have too little time to spend exploring the area.
The goal for today was to get settled and catch up on some housekeeping–like laundry and blogging…my goal anyway.  We have a full day planned for tomorrow so come back tomorrow for our first real official day in Budapest.
Greg, Shelley, Margaret, Terry, Margee
P.S. The link to Youtube below will take you to a video of our visit to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.  Enjoy!

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