A Getaway to Grand Lake, Day 3

Let's Go Kayaking on Grand Lake!

Today we hit the water on Grand Lake!  Again! It was a beautiful morning for a first experience at kayaking. The lake was dead calm.  The speed boats and pontoons had yet to disturb the calm of the morning. Consequently, the only breeze we encountered was generated by our own progress sitting low in our kayak flailing about with our non-synchronized paddling. (Insert tip, here…Plan on getting a little wet if you haven’t kayaked before!) 

Renting a variety of water craft (for those of you without your own)  for short one hour tours on the lake is easy and inexpensive.  The hour long tour gave us plenty of time for a short hop over to neighboring Shadow Mountain Lake accessed through a lock between the lakes. Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby (which is further ‘downstream’) are both man made reservoirs that help to control flooding while also helping to maintain a consistent water level for Grand Lake.  Its crystal clear waters do not fluctuate more than 6″ year round due to the reservoirs.

A variety of watercraft can be found on the lake including this beautifully restored 1920's Cris Craft. Similar elegant wooden hulled boat was at one time the only kind of boats seen on the lake which must have been quite stunning.

A Few More Photos

Where to Stay

Just a quick note on where to stay in Grand Lake. 

There are many options for accommodations in Grand Lake.  From the normal hotel/motel establishments, there are also options for renting private homes around the area.  Sizes range from single small cabins to 4 and 5 bedroom homes with plenty of amenities.  For more information about your options, search the Airbnb or VBRO websites. 

We are staying in a small private development called Lemmon Lodge. The development is right on the lake and has numerous homes and cabins. Lemmon Lodge also has its own small private beach which is an option not found anywhere else on the lake. The development is very comfortable and has a variety of cabins from extremely small–like the 250 square feet one we have–to very large homes. For more information about Lemmon Lodge, you can visit www.lemmonlodge.org. The on-site manager is also able to rent a few properties not available through VBRO.

If you’re planning a trip to Grand Lake (or anywhere for that matter) do some internet homework and you’ll find accommodations that are perfect for you.

Almost 'Glamping'!

Tonight, we had a cookout at one of our friends large cabin and with some pre-planning and some local store scavenging  we put together a feast that rivaled any meal we’ve had to date.  It helps to have some enthusiastic cooks in the group, too! One advantage of going to a destination within a day’s travel is that you can pack for some high-style ‘glamping’! Save money and eat well!

With that, I’ll leave you with a few more photos of our day.  Enjoy!

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