Our France Adventure (Saint-Paul de Vence and a Stroll around Cap-Ferat)

May 12, 2016

Day 10

Our last day in southern France.  As we leave this luxurious area of France, we remember our near death experiences on narrow hairpin curvey narrow roads, breath taking views from high up in the hills, oppulance everywhere (how many Mazzaratti dealers does one one really need, anyway?) and very friendly locals who were even polite when we would cut them off on a fast lane change or “yield” too long at a 6 way interchange…we are very appreciative of the hospitality shown to us.

We off to Paris in the morning on an early flight.  Tomorrow is the Eiffel Tower at sunset. Who knows what we’ll do until then!

In the mean time, as promised, here are a few images of our experiences today.  We started out visiting the Fondation Margerite et Aime Maeght in Saint-Paul de Vence.  Two local art philanthropists who were personal friends with Joan Miro among others. Designed by the same architect who designed the Miro museum in Barcelona, Spain, Joseph Lluis Sert, a museum we visited a few years ago on a trip to Barcelona, the building had a very familiar feel.  The building is full of pieces by Chagall, Miro (who has many pieces in the spectacular sculpture garden surrounding the building), Calder, Braque and many more.  While we were there, we had the treat of watching an installation of a new Christo Vladimirov Javacheff and Jeanne-Claude piece in the sculpture garden–brightly painted oil drums stacked in a pyramid.  Not much information on the piece yet but it was interesting to watch the workers while they constructed the piece.

Lastly, the day was finished with a walk down by the harbor at Cap Ferrat.  What a georgeous day for that!  Enjoy the pics!


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  1. I’ve tried to post comments in your blogbut I don’t think I’ve been successful. You are having w great trip, friends and everything looks beautiful. Keep having fun

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