‘The End of Our Adventure’

Our European Adventure 2018

We Reach ‘The End’ of Our Adventure

After an amazing 18 days spent traveling through 7 cities in 5 countries, we had to come home.  Actually, truth be told, I’m thinking everyone was tired and ready to come home.  Eighteen days is hard enough but eighteen days where every 3 or 4 days we would pull up stakes and move on to the next city made the journey more intensive from the standpoint of seeing and experiencing as much as possible. Averaging 12,000 to 18,000 steps per day made for some very tired feet…legs…and backs…Not too bad for a bunch of retirement age ‘mad’ travelers, I’d say.

A word about air travel…we flew back to the U.S. on Austrian Airlines.  This was how United booked our flight originally—they are Star Alliance Partners—and I am really glad they did.  Flying out of Vienna proved to me that there is a better system than the system we use in this country.  From check-in to security to boarding, in every airport we flew out of (except the O’Hare) the airports were modern, comfortable and extremely easy to navigate within.  I don’t know why our system doesn’t take clues from our european friends.  Oh, one thing we have improved on regarding international travel is Global Entry.  We sailed through customs in record time compared to previous times where it might take an hour to navigate the long wait to be processed.

I wish I could share more photos of our trip but if I did that in this format, you wouldn’t appreciate it soooo much.  I am working on a video version of the past 18 days of travel which should(n’t) be coming to a theater near you…or via YouTube assuming I can figure that out. At any rate, thanks for coming along this far and if you have any suggestions on accuracy or anything else, please send your comments along to me via email or just comment on the blog post at the bottom.


Greg (and Shelley, Terry, Margee and Margaret, too!)

P.S The two Youtube icons below will take you to two videos of our visits to Amsterdam, Bruge and Brussels AND to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.  Enjoy!!

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