A Getaway to Grand Lake, Day 4

Our Final Full Day

We are finally on our last full day in Grand Lake.  We start off a little slower this morning. This is maybe due to all of the physical activities over the last few days. We’re invigorated by a walk downtown to one of the many breakfast/coffee spots that can be found in the downtown area. A hearty breakfast burrito and a strong cup of coffee invigorates us for another day of hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve had the entire trip.  Along the way, there are many shops where you can find antiques, camping and hiking gear and all sorts of clothing shops–mostly for women, I might add.

At a funky little coffee shop called The Hub (far west end of Grand Lake’s main street) we make plans for the day which will include some hiking on a trail within Rocky Mountain National Park. 

We're Off on Another Hike!

After a stop at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center to pick up a map of the Valley Trails, we select a trail called the Onahu Trail. The trail takes us up through the forest on a winding somewhat moderate upward climb that is well marked and was only sporadically being used by hikers on this day.  (Hint: As with most trail heads, a minimal amount of parking is provided and other facilities–like restrooms–should not be expected.)

Some advice. If you aren’t acclimated to higher elevations,  take along some canned oxygen and plan on taking breaks to catch your breath. Oh, and take along plenty of water.  One liter of water per hour of hiking is a good rule of thumb. 

My hiking companions (Shelley, Nan and Patti) were leading the way most of the time since I couldn’t help but gawk and take (what they may consider) too many photos of trees and the winding trail.  

Mother Nature Survives!

One note of optimism as you look at the photos.  The pine beetle damage which has affected the Rocky Mountains in general has reportedly moved on to other areas.  Most importantly, since new undergrowth has taken hold, it appears that won’t be long before the forest has re-established itself.  What exists now are open views, lots of sunshine and the ability for the wind to move through the forest.  Above all, it gives us a perspective of how the earth repairs itself naturally which in this time of global warming and changing climate patterns, ‘man’ may disappear but the earth will survive.  

On that happy note…

A Few Photos From Our Hike

Closing Night

To finish the night, we attended the culminating event that gave us our purpose for coming to Grand Lake.  Steve Hanson’s Bluegrass Camp concert is tonight and we are in for a treat!

A Few Photos of the Concert

Turn Up the Sound!

Here are a few videos of the final night’s concert. One disclaimer.  These videos were taken on my iPhone and with some shaky hands on my part. The quality may be below most video professional’s standards.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!

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