Art & Architecture Tour 2022 | Day 12

Our Adventure Continues
Day 12 | Kansas City, Mo

We're in Kansas City ('A' on the Map)

We finish our 12 day, 11 night adventure by checking into a lovely small boutique hotel called The Truitt. Located within walking distance to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, it is a convenient location for our short visit to KC. Close to both Westport and The County Club Plaza areas, it is perfectly situated for just about any KC visit. Check it out!

We close out the night by having dinner at what has become our go-to French restaurant in the KC area–Axios. Recent visits to Axios have proven to be always inviting and consistently great French cuisine. Be aware, though, that they will occasionally over book the number of reservations so if you arrive and find yourself having to wait, just grab a glass of something and relax until your name is called. Being flexible for a great reward is another piece of advice we have for fellow travelers.

The Truitt and Axios

Art Museums

Our day began with a visit to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. It is one of our go-to’s whenever we’re in Kansas City, Missouri. Without much planning, you can visit the museum and always come away with seeing a wide variety of painting and sculpture from ancient to contemporary periods. It’s also a very nice place to have a leisurely tasty lunch in the Rozelle Court Restaurant. 

Our morning also included a visit the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art which was just a 15 minute walk from the Nelson Atkins. As it’s name inplies, the collection includes works of modern and contemporary artists from America and around the world. Works include photography, sculpture and other fine art of all varieties. If you are there when their restaurant Cafe Sebastian is open, its a good choice for food and it also is a fun environment for discovery.

Here are a few take aways from our visit!

Nelson Atkins Art Museum
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Our last stop on this adventure through the midwest is the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. The Truman Library just went through a major addition and remodel of its extensive exhibits. The exhibits cover Truman’s early life in Missouri, his rise to politics in the Senate, his taking over as President upon FDR’s death and all through his second term as president.  For those unfamiliar with the history of the time period, it is a walk through the final years of WWII, the recovery of the country, the McCarthy era communist scares and his remarkable reelection to a second full term (remember the headlines “Dewey Wins”?) and many other reminders that we as a country have survived through many adverse times. The permanent exhibit entitled “An Ordinary Man, His Extraordinary Journey” tells his life story extremely well with video, interactive exhibits and displays that make a visit engaging for the visitor. Their website will give you more detail of his life and the times he faced head-on.  

The Truman Library proved to be a historical reminder that the issues of war, economics and social injustice will always be something that democratic societies need to remain diligent in their resolve if they are to preserve their democratic ideals. Whew! Heavy stuff…From here, we headed home.

Here are more than a few images of the Library…it was hard to resist…enjoy!

Thanks for Coming Along!

Well, after being cooped up for the last few years due to Covid-19 self preservation, we finally made up for lost time on the road with friends. We hope to see you (or you see us, back here) again soon!

Safe travels!!

Safe Travels