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Travel and Perspective

New perspectives obtained through travel have been some of our primary enjoyments in life. Experiencing  the art, food and architecture found in the places we visit has broadened our perspective of the world.

In architecture, one tool of design is perspective.  Notable design effectively utilizes perspective which affects the perceptions formed in the mind of the observer.  Perspective will evoke prescribed responses that reflect the purpose of the building or place. Perspectives we create for the observer shape the experiences and memories that the observer has of a place. The observer gains a sense of belonging as well as intended emotions in a well designed space. These emotional responses create memories that can last a lifetime.

My Mission

The mission of this blog is to show how travel can positively impact the traveler’s view of the world as well as gain a better view of themselves–hence their perspective. Life’s experiences should in my opinion include seeing and experiencing new places and cultures whether near home of halfway around the globe.  Those experiences form the ways a person sees themselves as they travel through life.

Travel offers unique benefits to anyone willing to leave the comfort of their own home in order to be adventurous.  Whether the destination is familiar or new, just the act of ‘going’ opens up doors to new perspectives about the places and experiences had in each location IF you make the effort.

My goal is to show you ways that you can find more enjoyment and purpose in your own travels by sharing my and my fellow travelers experiences—experiences from initially planning the trip and finishing with the actual experiences that have added new perspective to our own lives.

Thank you for slogging through this lengthy preamble.  I hope you enjoy and find useful the information and opinions shared in this blog.


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